ASAS Group, a family-owned enterprise, proudly operates in the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent. Our diverse portfolio includes ASAS Transport, New ASAS Freight, ASAS Garage, RDS Studio, and Curtain Creation. Our journey began in 1985 with ASAS Transport, and we have since expanded our scope through the addition of other group companies. We are actively engaged in various business segments and are committed to fostering growth in our existing operations while eagerly seeking new opportunities in unexplored horizons. Through the implementation of an efficient business model, we continuously provide value to our esteemed customers, partners, and employees who form the core pillars of our organization. The visionary leadership of our Founder and CEO, Mr. Prakash Bhanushali, has been instrumental in propelling the group from strength to strength since its inception. His unwavering dedication and passion for the business have been pivotal in shaping us into the thriving entity we are today. In the words of Sachin Bhanushali (Partner/MD), "We attribute our success to the exceptional vision and guidance of our Founder/CEO, Mr. Prakash Bhanushali, whose relentless commitment and unwavering passion have been the driving forces behind our achievements."

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Our journey began in the 80’s and after completing over 37 years in business, we’re proud to say that our business units have emerged as established players in their respective industries. Throughout our history, we have consistently pursued challenging objectives and have accomplished them through unwavering diligence a keen understanding of the market and commitment to innovation. Our guiding principles have prioritized Safety, Integrity, and Excellence at every step of the way, traits that penetrate every single aspect of the Group.

Looking back, it's awe-inspiring to witness the growth that we've achieved, from that initial single truck to a formidable fleet of over 100, and from a small office to a significant presence in the industry. Our journey has been characterized by adaptability and resilience, traits that have not only carried us through times of change but have also enabled us to thrive amidst challenges. As we stand at this juncture, we remain resolute in our dedication to our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.


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ASAS Transport

Dedicated for Inter-UAE Shipping Container land haulage

ASAS Freight

Curated for Cross Border land-haulage (GCC & Levant)

ASAS Garage

Created for Heavy Vehicle Maintenance, Repairs, Rebuilds & a lot more !

Ridhi Design Logo
Ridhi Design

Exclusive handcrafted designer wear clothing for women.

Curtain Creations

Luxury interior textile products / bespoke curtain designs.

Our World



Empower every customer with the Highest level of service, the broadest selection of products at the most competitive prices in order to help them achieve success in their business.


To be synonymous amongst the industries and segments our businesses operate in and to be recognized as a high-value providing group of companies, we aim to be considered as an indispensable partner to clients by offering products/services of the highest value while ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.


Conduct business honestly, ethically and with integrity Listen to the customer’s requirements and provide them with solutions that exceed their expectations Develop relationship with Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Industry partners


A certain percentage of each invoice we generate is thoughtfully allocated to support a meaningful charitable cause. This intentional commitment not only showcases our dedication to giving back but also ingeniously involves our valued customers in this impactful initiative. By choosing our services, our customers become integral participants in this noble endeavor, collectively contributing to the betterment of communities in need.

Through this innovative initiative, we are fostering a symbiotic relationship between our business and the greater good. As the wheels of commerce turn, they are also propelling positive change in the world around us. This approach aligns seamlessly with our core values of responsibility and compassion, resonating with individuals and organizations who share in our vision of creating a brighter, more equitable future. Together, we are not only moving goods and services but also advancing a shared mission of social impact, demonstrating that every transaction can be a step towards a more compassionate and harmonious world.

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